Press Release by Beyond Europe on the evictions of self-organised projects in Thessaloniki (27th July 2016)

– Violent police evictions of social centers and refugee shelters in Thessaloniki shortly after the No Border Camp.
– Greece’s left government executes brutal anti-refugee policies of Europe.
– Self-organized spaces are the only secure shelters for refugees.
Early this morning, 27 July 2016, Greek police simultaneously evicted three self-organised Social Centers and Refugee Shelters:
1) For many years, Nikis was a well known Social Center directly at the inner-city promenade of Thessaloniki. For us and many of our friends, it has been a place of vivid solidarity in times of a general social crisis. Over the last months, the organizers there were hosting refugees.
2) Orfanotrofeio was a squat for and with refugees, occupied since December 2015. The activists have always emphasized that such projects are not set up as idealistic symbols, but out of a pressing daily necessity, responding to the catastrophic consequences of Europe’s anti-refugee policies.
3) Hurriya was the new squat for and with refugees that was occupied during this year’s No Border Camp at Thessaloniki. For the activists, this occupation was an important response to the humanitarian and political crisis created by European Governments. It showed that refugees and antiracists are able to deliver much needed relief. Hurriya was the place – it was accessible, it was set up well, and the first of twelve refugee families already was starting its new life there. The authorities just destroyed those achievements for the sage of maintaining [a hostile public] order.katalipsi-grafeia-syriza-630_0


Press release by Beyond Europe on the No Border Camp from 15th-24th July in Thessaloniki

During the last week a public picture of “lawlessness” and “destructive energy” has been created surrounding the No Border Camp. For instance, Giannis Boutaris – the mayor of Thessaloniki – is concerned about the occupation of the Aristole University of Thessaloniki campus becoming a permanent space for a camp. Specifically, he is worried about „the hygiene, the security and the lack of protection for the private property that is inside the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.“demo Weiterlesen