Last Call Beyond Europe Camp – The stakes are high, but still too low

       The stakes are high, but still too low

Call from Beyond Europe for the transnational Camp in Chalkidiki – 18th-25th August 2015

OXI to capitalism! From the moment it was announced the referendum in Greece seemed to hold great symbolic meaning, something that was confirmed by both the result and the reactions that followed: The ‘no’ was not solely against the granting of another loan with the usual reform conditions of the EU. It was also the voice of the people against the supposed lack of alternatives to the European policy German dominated austerity . The Greek OXI also reflects the crisis of legitimacy that neoliberal capitalism has faced in Europe since the beginning of the economic crisis. Even if the increasingly visible social contradictions can’t be covered up by ideology that easily anymore, the idea of a liberated society is not getting closer in any way. The antiauthoritarian movements are speechless and trapped in their own scenes and issues or, at best, local struggles, whilst still facing a vast countervailing power . What needs to be done now  is to overcome the silence after the failure of the anti-globalization movement. What we need to do is to push organizing forward, deepen our networking and plan our mobilizations against Capitalism and its impositions all over Europe.

The Camp in Chalkidiki is a step in this direction. It is not the first coming together of Beyond Europe as a trans-European alliance, but we want to come to an understanding of our social relations in the current situation, we want to find common ground and work out our differences. We wish to address not only our comrades organized in Beyond Europe, but all the antiauthoritarian movements and networks of Europe.