#20J – Can´t stop us now! Beyond Europe Teaser zum Aktionstag am 20.Juni

Let’s keep up the pressure against austerity and nationalism

Fight back against reactionaries and austerity politics – go beyond for antinational solidarity!

In these times of crisis it has become obvious that the multiple problems we face are deeply connected. Post-democratic austerity management provokes different kinds of reactionary responses which present themselves as workable and attractive political responses to growing injustice and poverty. These reactionary “solutions” which come in many forms including nationalism, racism, social chauvinism and sexism do not just exist in the corners of democratic parliaments, but can be found growing in the very centre of society. They emerge in different periods and manipulate the fears of people, relying on the worst of individuals. Across borders and languages we find reactionary formations like UKIP in the UK, Golden Dawn in Greece, and the AfD in Germany trying to promote their own brands of reaction. One of the logical outcome of these “solutions” to the crisis can be found in the inhuman European border regime responsible for the deaths of 1000s each year. The struggles found within our daily lives against social cuts, austerity politics and reactionary formations have to connect together visibly if we want to offer a strong answer to the many faces of capitalist misery and the illusion that there is no way out.


#beyondholidarity! First Beyond Europe camp in Chalkidiki, Greece, 18th-25th August

Since the Blockupy&M18 action day in Frankfurt in March the idea of a Beyond Europe camp is going around through peoples mind’s and discussions. In the last three weeks the idea got more concrete: Antiauthoritarian Movement from Thessaloniki proposed to organize the first Beyond Europe camp in north-east Chalkidiki, Greece from 18th-25th August.

Why a Beyond Europe camp? Already in the months before the action in Frankfurt it was clear that Beyond Europe will need some kind of physical space to gather together. It is clear that there must be the possibility for more people who are not taking part in the regular process to get to know each other – and to build up dynamics of transnational discussion. As you all know BE is still in the experimental mode – so strengthening the exchange process and the getting-to-know each other are the first priorities. The idea of the BE camp is to promote the internal process of BE but at the same time to give the opportunity to people all over and beyond Europe to get to know this process. This was the reason why Beyond Europe was founded: to make the exchange process and discussions public and accessible, to leave the island of isolated organizing processes on transnational level.

Why in Chalkidiki? The eco-social struggle against the gold mines in north-east Chalkidiki, close to Thessaloniki, is one of the most crucial ones in the topic of inner politics in Greece and the relation of social movements to the new elected government. The local people of Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki are asking for transnational support in their action and discussions which are in a critical phase: how to deal with the relation to institutions? How to deal with the police and juridical repression? How to deal with the crisis regime on a transnational level?

In the following weeks we will publish in a separate page and on beyondeurope.net further information about the camp: political and cultural program, technical details and registration.

Aufruf zur Kundgebung Stop it now! – Grenzenlose Solidarität – gegen die Verelendungspolitik der EU

Seit dem 18.März sind nun bereits drei Monate vergangen. Drei Monate seitdem wir die Eröffnungsparty der EZB versaut haben und unseren bunten Protest, unsere Empörung, aber auch unseren Zorn gegenüber der Verelendungspolitik der EU auf die Straßen Frankfurts getragen haben. Dieser Tag war ein richtiges und wichtiges Zeichen, dass es Widerstand gegen das Krisenregime nicht nur dort gibt, wo die Auswirkungen am fatalsten sind, sondern auch vor den Haustüren der vermeintlichen Krisenprofiteure, wie z.B. in Deutschland. Aber dies war eben auch nur ein einziger Tag. Nachdem die Trümmer weggeräumt wurden und die mediale Diskussion nachgelassen hatte, ging das Leben seinen gewohnten, gewaltvollen Gang weiter.